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Always looking for better…

Vemus which acts a solution partner for their customers in relation to electronic and auxiliary equipment, builds strong cooperation by providing different and unique designs at all times. Vemus, which is the leader of innovation in electronic projects, creates innovative solutions and contributes to the competitiveness of its customers and it is “always looking for better”.

VEMUS gets credit with is Kilitronik “Electronic Locks” which was produced with design and production experience and which has innovative and environment friendly features.


Our mission — foundation of our existence

Our mission is to develop high quality and secure innovative electronic products and to sell them to World thus contributing to the “comfort and security” of human life.

Our vision — the facts that we target

To become recognized in all World with distinctive approaches in our electronic and graphic products and to be seen as a good business partner by our customers, to provide a working environment for our employees in which they can improve themselves and get job satisfaction, to ensure that their success in their work stems from their feelings of satisfaction and will, to ensure that our social environment recognizes and sees Vemus as a brand that contributes to country’s economy, respectful towards people and environment.

and many more...

CE & EN 1300

It is designed and produced in accordance with EN 1300 standards and CE directives.

5 - 10 years

Electronic lock products with a battery life of 5 – 10 years


You can use the guarantees for service and parts supplies with confidence.


Latest electronic components of the market are produced and they are always improved.

%100 Test

Kilitronik products are put on the market after they pass at least 10 staged test process.


Design and application team are working to offer the most convenient and comfortable product