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Test Processes

You can only achieve better results with continuous development of the tests.

We always aim for the best by developing tests processes constantly and designing tests as a requirement of continuous development and improvement. Test processes include many tests starting from product verification to after sales. We perform many tests in our facilities such as battery performance tests, functionality tests, climate tests, temperature, humidity resistance tests, vibration tests, electrostatic tests, life tests etc. In addition we always improve the resistance of our products with independent laboratory tests. Of course we guarantee our quality with many tests in our production processes.

100% Test

Kilitronik products are offered to sale after at least 10-staged tests.

Mechanic Test Robot

Kilitronik products pass 100,000 mechanical locking tests during R&D stage. Battery life tests of Kilitronik products are performed with Mechanical Test Robot (MTR). Because designing electronic locks with very low battery consumption is essential for us.


The contribution of automation to production stages of Kilitronik products increases every day. Essential method of presenting high quality, productive and economic products lies at automation. With this in mind, we have chosen innovation and automation as a means to offer better electronic locks with better prices to humanity…

Kilitronik design and application team is on the job

The places where Kilitronik products will be used are created identically and products are tested. Observations on assembly and usage are made, necessary studies to facilitate the work of the specialist who will mount Kilitronik products are performed. Because it is our biggest duty to present secure and comfortable Kilitronik products for both implementers and users...

Electronic Lock Application Design on Medicine Trolley

Usage of electronic locks in unimaginable places.
Application samples of Kilitronik products can be performed at Vemus. Our strong design team can perform application design of products and offer project-based solutions to customers in addition to product design. We always support our customers all the time for project-based solutions.